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TRG’s Laser Hook


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Product Description

Also available on TRG’s GSA Contract # GS-07F-5698P

The Laser Hook is an incredible new addition to our Grappling Hook Family!
This 1.5 lb, Laser Hook is:
2 pieces of Laser Cut Steel that was initially designed to slide together.
Testing showed that it is equally effective:
*——- with both pieces together on one line
*——- separated and attached to 2 lines to yank down gates, doors, trucks.
*——- just one of the pieces for small jobs like burgler bars, a door, or a small vehicle.

The Laser Hook is powder coated black and is designed to fit into a pocket or pouch.
A number of US military units swear by the Laser Hook! The 11th ACR, 1st Cav

It’s swept back arm design is excellent for reducing bounce and snags when searching for trip wires!

During strength testing, the jigs designed to hold the hook, broke at 15,000 lbs.
Not the Laser Hook
We settled on a safety rating of 10,000lbs for the Laser Hook

Additional Information

Weight 2.50 lbs