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TRG’s Grabber


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Product Description

Technical Specifications

NSN 2040-01-499-0035

“The patented Grabber (folding grappling hook) was chosen by

the US Special Forces in 2003. It’s 1.5 pounds and ability to handle 1650 lbs on
a single arm made it simple to carry yet strong enough for just about any requirement.
Shortly afterwards, the US Army named the Grabber as it’s Collapsible Grappling Hook
of choice in April 2003.

Since then, the The Grabber or “The Bat Hook” as it is called, has been adopted into
numerous Engineering Breaching Kits, every branch of the military,
many Federal Agencies, and also a number of foreign militaries as well.

The Grabber is designed to be used for entry and egress but also for trip wires,
concertina and minefield clearing, and IED evaluation!

The Mil Grabber has even been spotted in a recent movie! (Clip 1, Clip 2)

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