“…thanks for recommending the Source water pack. During the week of June 13-17, 2005, I attended a Patrol Rifle School at an outdoor range in the D/FW area. During the school, we were outside from 8am until 5pm each day, and a warm front had pushed temperatures into the upper 90’s, with very little cloud cover. Each day, I carried a Source water pack with me, and used it throughout the day. Before leaving the house each day, I filled the water pack up with ice, then filled it the rest of the way with water. The ice kept the water cold throughout the day, and didn’t melt until sometime between 4 and 5pm each day. Even once the ice had melted, the water was still cold. During the school, the water pack was normally kept in the bed of a pickup truck, and was often in direct sunlight. Overall, I was impressed with the quality of the product, as well as the insulation. I have tried other brands of water packs in the past, and would definitely recommend the Source water pack.
-Lieutenant Dan Curtis, Plano Police Department, TX

“…just a little feed back on one of your products. We had talked about one of your provisions while you were down at Fort Benning. I just thought it would be helpful for you to know that that piece of equipment came in very handy while deployed to Iraq. When we were preparing to enter a home to conduct a raid, one thing we worried about during explosive breaches was whether there were individuals sleeping inside the room we were about to breach. Almost every home in Iraq has door with a small crack underneath them and with as hard as it is to see under the door if you were to have to lay down with all your gear on your chest, plus exposing you to the front of the door if you were to lay down to look, also if you were just looking under the door you could not see from side to side. With your scope all we had to do was bend it and slide it under the door and move it from side to side. Makes our job a lot easier and our lives allot safer. I thought that the provision needs to be something that every dismounted squad in Iraq needs as part of their inventory. The other piece of equipment that I found very helpful was the frisker pro (hand metal detector). It was a very nice thing to have when doing hasty TCP’s. If we were just searching for weapons then it made the searches go by allot quicker and helped to insure that nothing slipped by. If you made sure to slide your hand up against the person, then it never missed a thing. Although you did need to make sure that your hand was in contact with the person, if it was the slightest bit away from them then it could miss some of the smaller things. It is also a piece of equipment that I think everyone should have with them no matter where they deploy. Thank you for your time to listen to what soldiers have to think about the equipment they take over there, and what works or doesn’t. Thank you again,”
-SSG Christopher Glenn

“I again thank you for a great product (D.D Green Laser), it sure makes life easier here in Baghdad. I have used it to stop traffic at distances of 1000 meters after twilight, and it sure stops morons in their tracks when it is “painted” on their chest.”
-SSG Paul F Manning, Camp Falcon Iraq

“I’ve had the Inova T4 flashlight for several months now. I very much appreciate you recommending this flashlight. Its useful time between charging is excellent. The LED bulb provides a whiter illumination without the glare of traditional flashlights. The beam is equally impressive at a distance or up close. As a matter of fact, when comparing it to the closest traditional style competition, I think the T4 is even easier to grip and to set in the charger. My experience to date is that the light is quite durable. It has been dropped without hampering its serviceability. Thanks again for showing me the T4.”
-Michael R. Moreland, Lieutenant – Plano Texas Police Department – Patrol Division, TX

“The 24/7 is great, I used it in a fire a couple of weeks ago. The structure was never completly blacked out by smoke when I made entry but with no other light source and light to moderate smoke it gives off a large field of light.Thanks!”
-Jeff Jeffcoat, The Colony Fire Department, TX

“Thanks for the INOVA Light that you sent me from the TTPOA Conference, I had no idea how bright it is. I never win anything at these shows, but after years of trying I did pretty well this time around. Thanks again and I will be letting my friends know about your company. Be safe,
-Coby Briehn

“Very pleased with The SWAT DESCENDER. Hope to see Canadian Law Enforcement Adopt it. Probably the best Descender developed to date specifically for Spec Ops. The GRABBER folding grappling hook has no competitors, it is simply the BEST.”
-Jay Danis (Jay is the Director of Stealth Rope systems and the Author of Urban Rope Systems 2000. It is the manual of rope entry systems for law enforcement and highlights the use of the SWATmaster Descender in many situations. Order the manual or CD Rom from Jay at his website www.prolearn.org/stealth or email him at srs@prolearn.org for more information.)

“The BADDD effectively reduces the size of the 2 and 3 man Rake and Break teams. A new tactical single man breach and cover method can now be used. The individual breacher can quickly and safely insert distraction or gas and then provide cover for entry teams. This one piece of equipment significantly and effectively increases the size and overall capabilities of small and large SWAT teams in a hostage or barricaded situation.”
-Paul Castle (Paul Castle is owner and head trainer of Fortress Tactical Training and Claymore Inc. Claymore provides 40 plus in-service and specialized training programs for the Law Enforcement Communities around the world. Currently, Paul is one of the most sought after Tactical Trainers in the U.S.. He recently developed and is currently training the ACE (Accelerated Controlled Explosive Entry) Course. He teaches many methods of breaching and highlights the Use of TRG’s BADDD. Visit him at -www.claymoreinc.com or email him at pcastle@visi.net)

“GREAT STUFF… Night Fighter 1 will be a major hit! Great combo for success & cost / load / space efficiency. As technology and tactics gets better there will more demand for Stealth-Fighter 1. A lot of the SPC OPS have some items that provide limited capability like the Stealth.. but not as good and darned sure not as well attached…”
-Andy Andrews MOUT Director /Range Manager, US Army Armor Center & Ft Knox

“Excellent website. Equipment researched, resulting in products which are practical to use.”
-Andy Rose, Queensland Australia

“Nice page. We need people like you to help develop those items that larger companies find to be a waste of time and money. Thanks a million!”
-Brent Barlow, Deputy Sheriff – Dona Ana County S.O., Las Cruces, NM

-Mark Botham, Customer Service Mrg/Sales – Pelican Rope Works, Santa Ana, CA

“Your Grabber looks very interesting from a Safety issue even in recreational uses.”
-Ronny, Security & Safety Coordinator – North Texas Tollway Authority, Plano, TX

“Very interesting site giving full explanations as toyour ‘Gear’. I am sure a site like this will be invaluable to supply officers in the many forces who will view the website.”
-John Endicott, Curator, Kent Police Museum – Chatham, Historic Dockyard, Chatham, Kent UK

“Look forward to trying out the Grabber…”
-Michael Byrd, Lieutenant – Long Beach Police SRT, Long Beach, MS